Saturday, 13 August 2022

New Feature for Dating Apps


If you were on dating apps at some point, you would notice that many guys include height in their descriptions. That is especially on Tinder, which does not include specific categories to fill in. Height followed by fluent in sarcasm that is. The reason for it is simple. It is one of the first questions girls ask, or so I was told so. 

Height seems to be, aside from looks, one of the top selective criteria for women. No need to go into why is that and if it is shallow or not. Dating apps are a bit shallow but we are not here to change that. 

I recall my friend analysing a profile picture of a guy, who did not include his height. She reviewed all his pictures and tried to guess his proportions toward objects in the background. Height or the lack of it was clearly a deal breaker for her (and would be for me too, so I am not judging). It is also one of the things that guys lie about the most often. As a side note, this lie always made me laugh. Unless the guy plans on wearing heels, this dishonesty will pop up in the first few seconds of meeting in person. Anyhow. 

Today's dating apps include various filters, such as age, location etc. Why not simplify everyone's lives and include a filter on height? Why not be cheeky and monetize this feature to get extra income from female users?

For most ladies, this seems to be more important than age. It would save time and filter out people who mind the height difference, those who don't and all that without judgement or awkward conversations. Above all, no more guessing of proportions against door frames and bedside tables (let's do it for my friend!). 

This idea was created using a Daily dose of frustrations

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