Saturday 13 August 2022

New Feature for Dating Apps


If you have ever ventured out into the adventures of online dating, you would notice that many guys include height in their profiles. Height followed by fluent in sarcasm that is. This happens especially on Tinder, which does not include a specific height (or sarcasm) category to fill. The reason for it is simple. It is one of the first questions girls ask. 'What's your height', not your sarcasm - sorry. 

Height seems to be, aside from looks, one of the top selective criteria for women. Be it on a dating app or in person. According to a study Journal of Family Issues, women prefer taller men because they feel protected by them. This natural selection is apparently also one of the reasons why Dutch men are so tall

I recall my friend analysing a profile picture of a guy who did not include his height. She reviewed all his pictures and tried to guess his proportions toward objects in the background. Height or the lack of it was clearly a deal breaker (and would be for me too, so I am not judging). Asking about height directly is oftentimes accompanied by shame and fear of being judged. 

Height is what guys lie about the most often on dating apps. As a side note, this lie always made me laugh. Unless the guy plans on wearing heels, this dishonesty will pop up in the first few seconds of meeting in person. Anyhow. Girls deceive with filters

Today's dating apps include various filters, such as age, location etc. Why not simplify everyone's lives and include a filter on height? Why not be cheeky and monetize this feature to get extra income from female users?

As it turns out, males pay 16% more often for dating apps than females. Tinder had a revenue of 1.65 billion in 2021. Only 1% increase in paying females could accumulate to 16.5 million yearly. 

The height feature would also save time for the app users, filter out people who mind the height difference, those who don't and all that without judgement or awkward conversations. Above all, no more guessing of proportions against door frames and bedside tables. 

When researching this topic, I came across special shoes that give extra inches to guys to fight the selection criteria. Genius. We, girls, were fighting the natural selections for so many years with all those padded push-up bras. Go for it guys. 

This idea was created using a Daily dose of frustrations

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