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You might be one of those creatives who constantly have new ideas popping into their head like popcorn. Yet, you are self-aware enough to know that you won't be able to make them happen, at least not in this lifetime. Instead of burying these in the 'idea graveyard' called 'I'll do this one day', share them with others who may get inspired from them, expand them and possibly give them a chance to enrich our world. 

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The best ideas are solutions to real-life problems. That is those everyday small frustrations when you ask, why do we live like this? Share with us your daily frustration and get the community of creatives to come up with solutions. 

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Did you know that your chance to succeed increases 4 - 5x if you surround yourself with like-minded people who are working on overcoming similar obstacles? Join our Facebook Group. Get feedback on your ideas, help others with their challenges. 

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You may have heard about the Workout Buddy; that is someone who works out with you, pushes you for that extra mile or squat and celebrates with your milestones. Business Buddy is a similar concept. Find yourself a Business Buddy with whom you share your milestone, who gives you motivation and pushes you the extra mile in your start-up. What's more, you will do just the same for him or her. Join our Facebook group to Find your Business Buddy