Hi there, 

If you've found yourself on this website, one of the below may be true for you: 

  1. You are about to start or run your own business 
  2. You're looking for a boost for your creative expression 
  3. You would like to get inspired & discover some great ideas 
  4. You want to read something that appeals to your interests during your bathroom break  

Why are we called Business Idealists? 

The concept of Business Idealists is a combination of 'Idealist' & 'Idea Lists' with business and entrepreneurship. 

This website's main focus is to present our readers with creative business ideas that bring positive change. 

Why does this space exist? 

Every day, week & year, passionate and creative enthusiasts keep coming up with those million-dollar ideas you wish you had thought of first. 

Yet, the statistics are not in their favour. 90% of start-ups do not make it past the first year. Not because the idea is not good enough, but because creatives often do not have the tools and detailed knowledge required to succeed in the business space they wish to occupy. 

On the other side of the spectrum, there are those passionate entrepreneurs who seek their million-dollar idea. They have the tools to make it work but are unsure what that fantastic idea should be. 

This space offers tools, concepts and interviews for the first group and inspiration for the second. You will also find some 'free ideas' to check out. 

About me 

Initially, I was 'the creative kid'. Quiet and a bit weird, always coming up with some innovation or splashing some paint on a canvas. 

After many rational discussions with career advisors, and successful entrepreneurs (and the odd personality tests), I embarked on economics, management & marketing studies for eight years. Yet, I always felt that something was missing. In my mind, the best way to solve this gap was by adding an extra three years to my studies marathon and getting a Masters degree in Creativity and Innovation. 

My first 'serious' career started in online marketing and progressed to managing digital advertising, websites, business apps, logged-in portals and user-testing for the next nine years. 

Today, thanks to my experience with start-ups and creativity studies, I got the chance to bring the start-up mentality and utilize creative processes within a large corporation I am a part of. 

This website intends to impart the best tips and ideas I learned throughout my journey that I hope will spark yours.

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