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10+ new creative candle business ideas for start-ups.

Thinking of starting a candle business, or wanting to introduce something new in your existing business? Than this article is for you. For this post, I've decided to use 3C creativity tool to come up with creative business ideas for nothing less than beautiful candles. I included a note if the idea came from the complementary, contradictory or 'crazy' combination exercise of the 3C tool. 

Why candle business?

The candle industry shows steady year-on-year growth with an expected USD 13.72 billion market value by 2026 (according to Zion Market Research). The entry costs are relatively low, which makes it an attractive industry for small business owners. 

As a result, the market is flooded with candles of various styles, shapes, scents and colours. Business owners are facing fierce competition and are require to create outstanding products. One way to stand out from the competition, especially among the large established companies, is to create unique candles for niche audiences. 

Here is where your creative muscle comes in. Creativity is not just about making something different. The novel idea has to provide value. Such value can also be entertainment.  

When coming up with the ideas, I got all excited with the 'new' idea until I realized it already exists. In these cases, I am including which businesses use it and some options on how to evolve it further. Let's dive into it. 

1. 'Sleep-safe' candles

Candles are a fire hazard. According to National Fire Protection Association 'Candles caused 2% of reported home fires, 3% of home fire deaths, 6% of home fire injuries, and 4% of the direct property damage in home fires. Roughly one-third (37%) of home candle fires started in bedrooms. Three of every five (60%) of home candle fires occurred when some form of combustible material was left or came too close to the candle.'

Candles' firehazard represents a problem that needs solving. Starting your business idea as a solution to a problem ensures that your idea brings value.

Here is one idea about an aluminum (light lid) that close the candle opening & prevents the source of oxygen from coming in if the candle falls on the side.

To prevent candle fire get too close to any flammable materials, we can borrow an existing idea from grave candles. Most of us would not decorate our house with grave candles. Why not make it use the concept with some chic look? The below image is not exactly what I had in mind when I said 'chic', but you got the idea. 

Disclaimer: No matter the designs, never sleep with a candle in a room. 

This idea was created using 3C tool - contradictory combinations based on the word 'darkness'. 

2. Masculine candles not just for men

The cosmetics industry for men was neglected for a very long time. That is until it experienced a massive boom in recent years. We moved from days when men had only one basic, blue Nivea shampoo or shower gel to choose from when they did not want to smell like roses. Candles for men started appearing in recent years too. You can get inspired by some amazing masculine candles on Amazon

Are you one of those ladies who love how man perfume smell? Burring your face in your partner's shirt, making you feel at home and safe. Candles with a 'masculine' scent may not be just for men. An opportunity to explore is 'masculine candles' marketed for females. 

You can take it one notch further, creating candles with scents similar to some common colognes. While a little creepy for some (especially if you get the cologne of your ex),  nostalgic couples in a long-distance relationship may be interested.

This idea was created using 3C tool - contradictory combinations based on the word 'darkness'. 

3. Anxiety candles

It is not a surprise that the 'anxiety' keyword was googled a hundred thousand times every day in the past year. Anxiety is another 'pandemic' that hit our world. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I am aware that treatment is not simple and a candle is not a fix to the complex problem. 

Some scents, sounds and colors, however, help elevate some of the anxiety symptoms temporarily. Learning how to relax an anxious mind on regularly is key in my healing and anxiety management. 

Some of the scents that help with anxiety are lavender, bergamot, vetiver, ylang-ylang and lemon.  

This idea was created using 3C tool - complimentary combinations based on the word 'relaxation'. 

4. Singing candles

Several innovations emerged on the market, which translates movement into music. This idea proposes a candle holder with this technology. As the candlelight flickers, the candle holder generates music. Every single time the song is unique, different, unrepeatable. 

The idea is that you would replace the candle with new candles, thus re-using the candle holder. 

This idea was created using 3C tool - 'crazy' random combinations based on the word 'bird'. 

5. Color-changing candles

Color changing candles change their color with heat. So-called thermochromic colors are offered as pigment powder. Based on bit of research, I discovered that such candles already exist. However, they do not seem very common. 

I came across one color changing candle on Etsy, which claims that the color changes according to your mood (What a BS, but I give it credit for originality and uniqueness!). What's more, this candle sold close to 8,000 times. 

This idea was created using 3C tool - 'crazy' random combinations based on the word 'entertainer'. 

6. Candles with a secret message 

Similarly to the colour-changing candle, this candle would reveal a message as it heats up. Such a paper appears the first black but shows a message when it warms up - what a cute gift, especially if you can write a secret message for your loved one. 

This idea was created using 3C tool - 'crazy' random combinations based on the word 'entertainer'. 

7. Candles with a night sky

This candle will cast stars on your ceiling. The idea is based on several existing ideas. There are lamps that cast the night sky on your ceiling. You may have also heard of candle carousels such as by EmmaMolly. As the hot air rises from the candle, the blades spin casting beautiful shadows on walls. 

You may need to create a few prototypes until you get to the most beautiful version. If you get to do this, do get in touch. I will be your first customer. 

This idea was created using 3C tool - contradictory combinations based on the word 'night'. 

8. Make-a-wish candles

A surprisingly high number of people seeks fairy tales and magic. All the craze with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are your proof. The fantasy world gives us an alternative to our usual days. Our drawn to magical and mystical creates an exciting opportunity for business ideas. 

Basic Make-a-wish candle 

When I came up with this idea, I thought of making a wish bracelet made from a very fine string. The bracelet says that your wish will come true once the bracelet breaks. What a brilliant business idea to sell hope & magic. On Etsy, SweetheartsDarlings (whose picture is below) sold over 19k of these!

Witch-craft candle  

White magic is considered magic that uses its supernatural powers with a good purpose. Essential oils and herbs are often used in various rituals and candles, gemstones and moon cycles. You can combine the key concepts for some 'magic' inspired candles. On the backside of the candle, you can include a small spell for good fortune. 

Sidenote tip: Whenever I come up with ideas, I like to check their feasibility on Google Trends to understand keyword search valumes and thus indirectly assess interest. Based on the advice of an SEO guru, Neil Patel, I benchmark my searches with 'digital marketing'. You can check out how much more 'magic' and 'spell' is searched in comparison to 'digital marketing.'

Law of Attraction candle

You have probably heard of The Secret that popularized the 'law of attraction'. The law of attraction believes that whatever you think about will eventually appear in your life. If you want to achieve success, you need to think and feel as if you are already successful. The idea is to make a candle that will help you quiet your mind and visualize your goals.

The idea is to make a candle that will help you to quiet your mind and visualize your goals. 

Other ideas on a similar principle are a mantra candle with a mantra written on it. Positive affirmation candle, letting go candle, burn your fears candle, journaling candle & meditation candle. 

Finally, sage is burned to remove negative spirits and energetically clear space. A sage candle to clear negativity in your room already exists. You can try to be playful with the name.  

These ideas were created using 3C tool - complimentary combinations based on the word 'magic'.

9. Candle that plays fire sounds

One nice way to relax is to sit by a fire. Not everyone has the luxury of having their own fireplace.  Candles can generate electricity which in turn can power music or campfire sounds. The candle holder would start playing the campfire or any other sounds whenever you lit up the candle. 

10. Diet candle 

Did you know that some scents decrease your cravings? Some of these are grapefruit, lemon and bergamot. Blue, black and purple are colors that suppress appetite.

According to the Journal of Marketing Research, smelling unhealthy foods will make you initially crave the treat. Still, after 2 minutes, your craving is diminished. If cookies are your guilty pleasure, cookie candles may also be helping you with a diet!

11. Current affairs and more - make them laugh 

Here is an extra one that I just discovered! It made me laugh and it will surely make any receiver cry a little. PS5 Candle is just inspiration. Make your own variant, iPhone 13 is up there on the wish list somewhere too ;) 

Do you have any candle ideas that you would like to share?

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