Saturday 6 August 2022

New Ideas: SPF + Hair Growth Serum

I joined a kayaking team-building event on a hot sunny day. It's worth mentioning that I do not wear (or own) hats or caps. The main reason is I look stupid wearing them—my vanity. After a couple of hours of kayaking, my hairline was the colour of a lobster. In a few days, it started peeling like a snake. A Zoo-situation on my scalp that looked like a major dandruff problem. Not a beautiful sight. 

It's been a few years since I started noticing my hair thinning. My burned scalp was yet another painful reminder that the hair density was not what it used to be. Did I reach the point that I need to start applying sunblock with a cotton bud into my hairline? Am I going to grease up my hair like that after just washing them? Oh no. 

A quick google search directed me to Amazon, which sells non-greasing sunblock for hairlines. A genius product, isn't it? I thought about it for a moment. When my hair started thinning, I got fancy leave-in sprays to minimise the shedding. My logic here is this. You lose hair so much that you buy a special spray to keep them there. This means, you probably also have an issue with the sunburned scalp. The areas that need hair are also the areas that need sunblock, right? 

Why not combine the hair-thickening sprays with sunblock? One less bottle on our shelves and one extra benefit to our hair. What's more, you will protect your lovely scalp from possible scalp melanoma

If you decide to create this product or know of any company that has this, drop me a message, and I will become forever grateful to you and forever customer of theirs.

The above idea came from a frustration that I wrote down and then thought about it for a few days.  One of the best approaches is to keep writing down your daily dose of frustrations. If it frustrates you, it probably pisses everyone else too. Ok, perhaps it is just you if you are a major grouch, but you got the point. After you find your frustrations, you can use the 3C Creativity Tool to start innovating. This idea was created with the Complimentary Combinations

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